I am in awe of the intricate blockprinting process using natural dyes (known as Ajrak) employed by artists in Ajrakpur and environs, and equally blown away by the stunning results – delicate patterns that are reminiscent of architectural jaalis and stone carving from Islamicate buildings.

Had a lovely conversation with artist Sufiyan Khattri, son of renowned artist Ibrahmin Bhai Khattri, whose family runs an impressive Ajrak blockprinting workshop in a small town just outside of Bhuj in Kutch. Sufiyan spoke in length about the process, the different natural dyes they use, and the various kinds of products they make. I was thrilled to learn that he and his brother will be attending the upcoming International Folk Art Market this summer in my home town of Santa Fe! Whether you make the pilgrimage to Kutch or come on out to Santa Fe in mid-July, definitely keep an eye out for Ajrak!

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