Japan’s Floating World

Review by Guest Blogger and Art Lover, Nikita Sethi:

Japan’s Floating World exhibit takes you back in time to the glory days of Yoshiwara. It is here that desires were fulfilled, dreams lived, and sorrows tucked away under the widely popular Kimono blanket (also one of my fav. paintings from the exhibit- see below). Factually Yoshiwara courtesans were promoted heavily through artistic means. I however see it differently. There is a symbiotic relationship between the courtesans and the artists who inspired each other to bring the best to this world. It is through the artists and the art forms that we begin to scratch the surface of this mysterious world.
Drawn from the John C. Weber Collection, the exhibit focuses on fine art during the Edo period’s (1615 – 1868). On view at the Asian Art Museum (AAM) from FEB 20 – MAY 10, 2015AAM allowed its visitors to take pictures without a flash. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

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